Talks that show you how to get to the best out of yourself, your team and the tools you work with.

This is for everyone: accessibility and you.

Joshua Marshall - Digital accessibility specialist, former Head of Accessibility at GDS

Accessibility has a bad reputation: it's often feared as something forced on developers and designers, sent to ruin your products. Joshua will show you there's a better way to make accessibility a part of how you work, without hating your job in the process.

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Accessibility UX For Everyone
About Joshua

A freelance digital accessibility specialist, Joshua works with clients all over the world to produce beautiful, usable, accessible products. Previously he was a founder member of the Government Digital Service, responsible for making GOV.UK one of the most accessible public sector websites in the world.

When arduino meets application server: love at second sight

Holly Cummins - WebSphere Liberty Profile Delivery Lead at IBM

Computers are getting smaller and smaller and cheaper and cheaper. It’s possible to sock computers away almost anywhere, and to connect almost anything to the internet.

This talk will explore the limits of embeddable hardware and present a getting-started-guide to the internet of things. What’s needed? How much does it cost? What’s the best way of making an embeddable device talk to the internet? As well as hints and tips, there will be a show-and-tell session (or “demo” if you’re discussing with your boss).

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Internet of Things Hardware
About Holly

Holly Cummins is a senior software engineer developing enterprise middleware with the IBM WebSphere, and a committer on the Apache Aries project. She is a co-author of Enterprise OSGi in Action and has spoken at Devoxx, QCon, JavaZone, The ServerSide Java Symposium, JAX London, GeeCon, and the Great Indian Developer Summit, as well as a number of user groups.

Performance Budgeting For A Seamless User Experience

Sandra Szenti - Freelance Front-end developer

When you start optimising your website, you can easily get lost with the overwhelming options of tools for page performance. To give you a head start, we will look at webpage performance from the user’s perspective and put a meaning behind metrics and best practices. With a design thinking approach and practical tools, this talk will boost your performance budgeting to only apply the rules that benefit your users and rules your site needs to maximise its performance. Start budgeting today, your users will thank you tomorrow!

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Performance Design Budgeting
About Sandra

Freelance front-end developer passionately building a better web with performance, accessibility and best practices in mind, Sandra currently works at Expedia helping to build their experiences.

Speed Matters - So Why is Your Website So Slow?

Andy Davies - Web Performance Advocate at NCC Group

Speed is essential for great web experience but we've all clicked on a link then waited… watching the spinner… wondering when the page was going be usable, or we've tried scrolling a page and had to watch the page judder up the screen as the browser catches up.

A quick search on Google or Amazon reveals plenty of articles and books about how we make pages faster and smoother but yet there are still so many slow experiences out there. Perhaps we're expecting faster networks and better browsers to fix the experiences for us?

In this talk Andy will delve into some of the fundamental building blocks of the web and show the impact they have on the speed of our sites.

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Web Performance

User Stories Refactoring

Kasia Mrowca - Passionate IT Geek, currently IT Consultant in London

However how many times have you seen something like: "As a user I want to be able to log-in so that I'm logged-in"? Or even worse, have you seen 2 years ahead backlog full of user stories like that? Yep, that's mean that it's high time for refactoring! User stories refactoring!

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Agile Project Management
About Kasia

Kasia is a product magician, IT passionate, agile & lean enthusiast, PhD candidate & big conference junkie. Kasia has over 3 years experience in product development, (including requirements elicitation and expectations management etc) and over 4 years experience of project management in non-profit organizations.

Pipeline Architectures

Michael Heap - Software Engineer at DataSift

Pipelines help split your architecture into distinct components. They're also a fantastic way to design software. By designing your architecture as a pipeline, you decouple all of your components and make sure that each part has a very specific responsibility.

This talk will look at how to start putting together a pipeline architecture and how to test them, as well as looking at a few case studies of how existing systems can be refactored to behave as a pipeline.

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Architecture Software For Everyone
About Michael

Michael's a fixer at DataSift. He works with various high volume data sources (including the Facebook firehose) in real time. Day to day, you can usually find him working with PHP or Go, with a bit of NodeJS or Python thrown in to keep things interesting.

Confessions of a Tech Lead

Joe Wright - Tech Lead at ThoughtWorks

"We've just hired a highly experienced developer who can join your team next week. There's one catch though, you'll have to give up your new graduate developer. What do you want to do?".

These type of questions are what you can expect to encounter when you become a tech lead. There's tensions apparent everywhere. Do you innovate or standardise? Cater for technical needs or business needs?

A tech lead needs to quickly develop a new set of skills and patterns for what gets thrown at them every day. In this talk you'll learn about situations, challenges and approaches that you can take when embarking on technical leadership. By the end you'll know how to decide if you want to keep that grad or not.

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Leadership Management
About Joe

Joe helps people deliver software that's well designed, fully tested and released early. He coaches teams to adopt agile engineering practices with a focus on XP, clean code and continuous delivery. Joe changes roles between coach, developer, architect or tester to demonstrate where the challenges are and work with teams to solve them.

Containerise everything

Daniel Demmel - Full stack web developer at ustwo

Working in a team and getting new people up and running should be easy!

Daniel will outline the benefits of using Docker for development compared to having to install every runtime, tool, and library on your local machine, worrying about OS / setup differences and conflicting versions. Daniel will also discuss why Docker is better suited than previous VM solutions like Vagrant, with its smaller resource footprint and faster build times.

Daniel will demo how easy it is to get started with tools like Docker Machine / Boot2Docker and walk through some practical steps like writing a Dockerfile, compiling a Docker container, using the Docker registry, manipulating Docker instances, installing dependencies and running tools to compile code automatically.

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Docker Virtual Machines Web
About Daniel

Daniel started his web design and development journey with Photoshop 3.0 and Flash 5, focusing on UI and motion design. After working with several different languages and platforms over the years, he decided to settle with the open and (now) powerful web stack. He works at an independent international studio called ustwo, crafting beautiful, functional and relevant digital products.

9 out of 10 start-ups fail, good because this is number 10

Lee Mallon - MD at Rarely Impossible

All developers have side projects - you want to learn how to build something new or maybe you read TechCrunch thinking you can sell out for a billion. With 9 years of attempts, Lees latest side project is evolving into a startup.

At re:develop, Lee will either share another failure and lessons to be learnt or (hopefully) share how persistence is key and why this one has growing success. He'll share all the trials and tribulations of this journey from a developer's point of view alongside running an service based agency.

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Startups Side Projects
About Lee

Lee started and runs Rarely Impossible, a multi-device development studio which build device agnostic solutions for brands and their own products.