Bournemouth, UK
Friday 14th August 2015

Thank you for making re:develop an incredible day.

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We’ve got 9 great talks scheduled for you. With a focus on methodologies and experiences you’ll take away plenty of inspiration and practical advice to approaching development projects more effectively. One day out of the office is guaranteed to save you plenty.

Each speaker will share their own takes on popular dev subjects, with every talk giving you insight on how to get to the best out of yourself, your team and the tools you work with.

Michael Heap

Software Engineer at DataSift

Kasia Mrowca

Passionate IT Geek, currently IT Consultant in London

Holly Cummins

WebSphere Liberty Profile Delivery Lead at IBM

Andy Davies

Web Performance Advocate at NCC Group

Joshua Marshall

Digital accessibility specialist, former Head of Accessibility at GDS

Sandra Szenti

Freelance Front-end developer

Joe Wright

Tech Lead at ThoughtWorks

Daniel Demmel

Full stack web developer at ustwo

Lee Mallon

MD at Rarely Impossible